About Us

Sue Feldmeth, RN, BSN


Medical Cannabis Nurse

I've been a nurse for over 25 years working primarily with children, however my focus shifted to older adults when I began caring for my mother.  I began to investigate medical cannabis after my mother's pain management doctor recommended it as a safer option to the opioids she was using to treat her osteoarthritis pain.  

WHAT??  Marijuana could be safer than prescription medicines?  I had to find out...  Turns out, he was right!  My research lead to me join The American Cannabis Nurses Association and complete the medical cannabis course they offered as well as attend conferences, sponsored by Patient's Out of Time, led by many leading doctors and researchers in cannabis medicine.   

I found this plant fascinating and felt it was safe enough to use on my 88 year old mother.  She started on CBD from hemp, and got some positive results.  I  added a little THC and more CBD (not hemp) and got better results,  fairly quickly, she was weaned from 3-4 opioid pain pills per day to only 1 pain pill with the addition of cannabis.  She also went off her anti-anxiety medication and blood pressure medication that she had been on for 20 years!  

This has been a two year process and I have learned a lot along the way and continue learning.  I want to share this knowledge and have helped others who are interested in using medical cannabis or want to learn more, but don't know where to start.   Very few doctors have been trained on the use of cannabis as medicine. In a cannabis legal state, it is usually up to the individual patient to figure the proper method, dose, etc.  My aim is to provide guidance and education to empower you to make the best choices for your health.

I have been giving educational talks in the San Gabriel Valley since 2017.